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Domaine Michel Niellon

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domaine-michel-niellon-cellarChevalier-Montrachet-Grand-Cru-2004Domaine Michel Niellon

Domaine Michel Niellon, Chassagne-Montrachet


Michel Niellon is a very quiet, unassuming man in his mid seventies. Despite being nominated by Robert Parker as one of the five best white wine makers on the planet he remains totally self-effacing, and almost bemused by his own success. We were introduced to him by the late Jacques d’Angerville in the seventies, and we have bought every bottle (that we have been offered) of every vintage since. His style is rich and concentrated; when tasted in extreme youth the wines show so well that it is hard to believe they will age, but they certainly do! The only problem here is that he is too popular, hence we do not have a lot left to offer.

Size: 7.6ha

Viticultural and vinification methods- With the encouragement from his two sons-in-law he has invested in a new cuverie on the N74/N6 intersection. Until now he has worked from a tiny, cramped cellar in the heart of the village. This certainly helped him develop the practise of bottling before the next harvest.

Niellon believes in old vines and low yields. Grapes are pressed in whole bunches and matured in around 20% new wood.


  • Chassagne Montrachet
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  • Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Chenevottes
  • Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Maltroie
  • Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Chaumées Clos de la Truffière
  • Chevalier Montrachet, Grand Cru


Domaine Michel Niellon, Chassagne Montrachet

Sold Through:

Dr. O.W. (Otto) Loeb (1898-1974) sprang from a long line of traders from Hunsrueck- the bleak hills which lie between the Mosel, Rhein and Nahe valleys. His father Sigmund forged the family’s name in the wine trade. In 1893 he was a recognised wine broker in Trier. Known for his excellent palate, he rapidly gained knowledge of the whole trade. He became the founder president of the Mosel Wine Trade Association at a time when Mosel wines were valued more highly than the most famous Bordeaux estates.

Otto joined his father to build up the export side of the business, travelling regularly to the UK and the USA. In 1934 with the advent of the Third Reich Otto wisely settled in London establishing Henry Gerson wines with his cousin. In 1938 he formed O.W.Loeb & Co Ltd.

After the war the company was strengthened by Anthony Goldthorp – the son of a valued customer. He eventually became Managing director when illness obliged Otto to step down. In 1961 David Dugdale, a customer and great wine enthusiast joined the board. Together, Anthony and David were responsible for building relations with some of the finest growers in France.

Now, 135 years after Sigmund first began, O W Loeb & Co Ltd continue to ship quality wines from some of France’s greatest names and the Mosel’s finest estates together with newly discovered gems from other parts of the world.



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